This is Interview Bot and will answer many of the questions you might like ask me. It’s also a good example of solutions that I can create.

I’ve had a Google Home for quite a while now and was intrigued with the actions that can be designed for it. So I’ve been learning how these work and when you roll that in with some UX Design principles you get a pretty decent chat bot.

I will be looking at log files to continue to improve it (it’s still a beta) but won’t be recording any of your personal data.

Start off by saying “Hi” and then enjoy.

This chat bot as it is can be applied to support multiple platforms like Facebook chat, Google Assistant, Slack, Twitter, and more. You’ll see a microphone icon in the bottom right of the chat window however when it’s within another page the verbal communication fails. If you’re using a device with a speaker and microphone you click this link to open the bot in it’s own window and actually talk to the bot. How cool is that?! Click here.